Alano Club of the Northside

The Alano Club of the Northside has been in Chicago since 1948.
One of the many Alano clubs in Chicago and the surrounding area, it is the oldest club in Chicago and the second oldest in the country.
Though not a part of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alano clubs host AA meetings.
We also host other 12 step meetings such as CODA, OA, and SAA.

You are welcome to attend meetings here and we invite you to become a member.
Members of the club help to support the club and can socialize in the downstairs room where there is a TV, pool table, and plenty of space to meet and do 12-step work or just socialize.

How do we pay the bills? The two main sources are 7th step contributions and membership dues.
We also receive contributions from generous folks who value the club.
Thank you.